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007 Asian Escorts

When we think of 007 we think of James Bond who has been played by many actors including Sean Connery , Pierce Brosnan and most recently by Daniel Craig.

Ian Flemming may have created this character and many of the stories are based in the London area. In London we have the 007 Asian Escorts version of this great character.

007 Escorts can be witty and chariming. They come in all shapes and sizes from petite girls to busty girls and the ever popular curvy Asian Escort.

007 Escorts in London are girls that offer both incalls and outcalls in many areas of central London. If you are looking for a good time day or night then you can find that 007 Escorts may have all that you are searching for.

Maybe 007 is a lucky number because the number 7 especially in British superstition is considered to be lucky. After all have you ever seen an agency with the number 13 on it or did you ever stay at a hotel with a 13th floor? Many aircraft these days do not have a row thirteen.

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